According to a survey, many people want AI to help them in their work but only help them and not take their place

Artificial intelligence (AI) based tech has become a huge part of all our lives in the past few years. It was a way of staying connected while in Quarantine, a means of studying through Zoom meetings, and it was also a way of working from home.

AI has certainly helped humans in many aspects of their daily lives and continues to do so. In a survey conducted by Gartner, respondents were asked about how they want AI to perform in nine different categories. The responses differed in 3 terms; the options were that AI takes over the work completely for us. The second was that AI helps them in that work; and the third being that AI would not do anything on behalf of the person who is assigned that task.

According to that survey over 70% of people want AI to help them rather than do all the work or do nothing. Those 70% want AI to do simple tasks such as calculations, solving problems, simplifying procedures, doing research work, mistake checking and changing etc. in order to save time and space. In that survey it was also clear that about more than half or 57% of respondents want AI to do only one or two of the above mentioned tasks but a small part of respondents almost 18% want that AI to more than 5 of those tasks.

While workers are generally happy with AI coming to help them, they want it to stay as helping only. They don’t want AI to take complete control over their task and they want at least most of the control that their task offers. They also want to be able to control how much of their data is being collected by AI and how much goes as their feedback about them.

But with all this positive responses there are bound to be some negative ones as well because contrary to those who want AI in their workplaces there are people who do not want AI to be anything for them or on their behalf. The reasons for not trusting AI were fear of information leaking, Privacy issues, more trust in employer rather than artificial intelligence and the preference of human interaction.

According to Gartner the IT people in every company should start campaigning for the use of AI in their workspaces and try to convince their co-workers and the higher management that AI are their friends and are not here to take their place.

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