TikTok Is Rolling Out ‘Watch History’ Feature For Some Of Its Users

TikTok users around the globe are now quite familiar with the pain of watching an intriguing video on the app, accidentally pushing the wrong button, and then losing the video’s link forever.

And that’s because TikTok does not come with any ‘Watch History’ feature.

In situations like these, you must be wondering how does one actually see the watch history that safely guides you back to where you first began.

Experts may have devised tips and tricks or shall we say hacks on how to attain a user’s ‘Watch History’, but how credible they can be is a question on plenty of users’ minds.

Thankfully, TikTok fans can breathe a huge sigh of relief because the app is currently in the midst of testing its new ‘Watch History’ feature.

The news has sent millions of fans in a frenzy because let’s face it, nothing beats the comfort of always having your favorite videos at your disposal.

Previously, users had to struggle to attain their watch history by requesting TikTok for their data file. This featured all sorts of information related to your account on TikTok like your comments history, settings, bio, login history, list of followers, likes, and more. But the part that most of us were interested in was the watch history section, which is also commonly referred to as the list of ‘Video Browsing History’.

It may sound enticing but the process was not only time-consuming but was considered complex too.

Many are anxiously awaiting the new feature as there’s plenty of excitement that surrounds ‘TikTok Around The Clock’ as things will be so much easier when this new feature is released for all.

But when exactly that happens is still not known as it’s currently enrolled in the testing phase.

H/T: Hammod Oh

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