LinkedIn breaks all previous records after the massive download growth it has shown last week

In the current era of technology one thing we always take note of is the new updates and how vastly and quickly many applications are growing. However, while every app grows and the world takes note of most of them, we miss out on one specific platform.

The LinkedIn platform is a place which people around the world use a lot. However, while the job seeking is done, not all of us pay attention to how far it has come. If this particular line made you realize that LinkedIn has seen its growth over the years quite massively, we would like to tell you that the current growth it has made will blow your minds away.

While the downloads during the Covid-19 times were great, the usage has massively increased this new year. The January of 2022 showed an estimated of around 710 weekly downloads. However, the past week's downloaded estimates broke all records.

In the past week App figures, an app intelligence platform, showed an average of over 1.1M downloads on LinkedIn. This is probably the greatest download estimate the application has seen in its history. The best part was that the application download wasn’t limited to just the App or Play Store. In fact, an equal division was seen on both of the platforms when it came to the LinkedIn download ratio.

All this shows that LinkedIn, while over the years has made a place and stood its ground in the job seeking market application industry, the platform has massively grown too. Among the great growth, LinkedIn saw some unfortunate and unforeseen events too. The tech firm had to draw back its resources from its Chinese counterparts and considering how China was its second-largest hub, they were sure to see some downfall.

However, the tech giant stood its ground and irrespective of letting go of China, has shown tremendous growth. All this concludes that LinkedIn is here to stay in the game and we can’t wait to see what else they will be accomplishing in the future.

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