NFTs may soon be coming to Instagram and may help in building of the Metaverse

Unlike any other sort of content on the internet which can’t be owned by any creator and can be picked up from there by just anyone, NFTS are something different. Also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs are art pieces that can only be owned by one person until and unless they sell it. So because of this advantage some NFTs have sold for prices that put classical paintings to shame. The smart people have invested millions of dollars into NFTs as they have realized the worth of these pieces of art. These pieces of art also have the danger of being stolen,but that is a very rare possibility. Since it is such a big thing all social apps have quickly caught on and Instagram is one of them.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg NFTs could possibly be making an appearance in the Instagram app soon and also play a role in the eventual coming of the Metaverse. They would be coming to the social media app in the near term as said in SXSW. No exact details were provided by Zuckerberg as to how they would shape the app and how it would work within the app either for the better or the worse on the app.

Many people from the company have taken interest in the digital collectibles including Mark Zuckerberg with the app’s top Executive Adam Mosseri stating that the company has been keenly exploring the topic which is truly one that is vast as it is diverse. They have been hoping to add this technology into Meta’s own crypto wallet Novi as NFTs can only be stored in Crypto wallets.

The technology of the NFTs could play a role in the coming tech of the Metaverse as that when a person makes their avatar that could be recognized as an NFT and they could carry it through the verse, and even across devices. But there are some technical difficulties that need to be resolved before it could even be thought of as a possibility; so that day could be quite far away.

While NFTs are something that would be helpful for many artists as they could be a way for artists to support themselves and their needs. They would also be a way for artists to finally own their art and not be always in the danger of being stolen and not be credited for their own original works. They will certainly prove to be helpful for artists and apps alike.

Photo: Lindsay Bennett / Twitter

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