Snapchat restricts communication through third-party apps. Here's the reason why?

Snap-owned, Snapchat has announced this week that they are now suspending Snapchat integrated third-party apps under consumer protection law to ensure teenagers' safety.

Last year, the company clearly gave a stance justifying that the social media platform entirely banned the third-party app developers from integrating anonymous messaging on Snapchat. This was mainly done due to the self-murder case, which alleged the platform for spreading cyberbullying and trolling of an individual who committed suicide because of anonymous blackmailing and abusive messages. As a response, Snapchat had completely banned third-party apps, YOLO and ALK that allow Snapchat users to request unknown messages from fellas and the wider public. Furthermore, Snap clarified that both of these third-party apps aren't affiliated with Snapchat at all. At this moment, Snapchat has made some changes to its policy governing children's protection rights. Snap is going to suspend strangers messaging apps and restrict the age limit of users of 18 and above. Meanwhile, the company has given a time frame of one month to the existing developers to follow up with the revised strategy of the SnapKit platform.

It's important to note that this change in the company's policy will impact more than 15,000 app developers. Around 2% of developers will be affected by the current decision on anonymous messaging apps. In addition to it, 3% of the app makers will be influenced by the age restriction rule. Moreover, as I said above, Snap allows existing developers to review changes and is still a Snap Kit partner. The first condition is, app makers have to respond to the changes they’ve made related to their use cases and present their suggested integrations. Furthermore, users that want to use anonymous messaging must have Snap registered accounts with clear personal information.

Starting now, it's a good initiative taken by the parent company, Snap as by banning anonymous messaging, folks can be protected from scams, trolling and harassment which is a serious concern of parents. This step will now prevent users that are prone to threats and cyberbullying.

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