To Take The AR Experience On Next Level, Snapchat Introduces Brand New Land Markers

Snapchat is introducing some new methods for marketers to create their augmented reality (AR) experiences using the AR Landmarks feature available in the Custom Land markers choices in Lens Studio, to allow anyone to have a chance to experience the location-locked AR feature.

In 2019 Snapchat released a piece of official news in which it said that it only started with 30 templated of different locations over which the creators can establish land markers. But as we know there is an infinite number of locations on this planet and of course, those 30 templates were just the beginning, and with so many sites comes with a huge number of ideas to build location-specific lenses coming across to be a big help in business growth, funny or even academical.

2019 marks the year for Snapchat when they launched their first Custom Land markers in Lens Studio to give the creators the freedom to turn their regular sites into an opportunity to narrate stories related to them and their heritage via AR.

According to Snapchat, land markers enable its establishers to paste personal AR experiences over something already present and present in this world through digital effects. For example, when you would use custom land markers over a building or a storefront, now you could create an image portraying your experience related to this certain building or store. You can also use it to share your business origin story with the world using AR.

But of course, to do all that you must have a level of technical intelligence, or you can collaborate with any professional creator on Snapchat to have him build a custom AR for you, helping you connect and share your story with the world. Amazing right!

But you know what’s more amazing? That Snapchat didn’t decide to only stop there but also is now developing their brand-new AR-ENABLED glasses, containing the potential to become a way more engaging and precious experience for the users in coming times. It ain't far from when people would be able to see the AR story, special offers, and products by simply watching the newly designed AR developed by you, as they’d be walking past your store. Currently, according to Snapchat officials, it is only possible to see custom land markers by availing physical snap codes provided on the Lens display profile by the creator.

At present brands might not consider ART as their priority for promotions or avail the new ways to build ARs but it is predicted that it will make more sense and become more meaningful that people would start shifting on it.

In addition, the first Snap AR certification on Snap Focus also came into the scene, to give the users a wide variety of information related to AR to uplift their knowledge to a different level. It is very pleasing to see how Snapchat is making efforts to keep its leadership image in AR establishment and growth.

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