Twitter is allowing iOS users to create audio clips in Spaces

Twitter continues to amaze its users with yet another astonishing update. The app allows the users to clip audios for a better exposure.

Twitter is ideally known for its best customer service as it promotes its users to gather and spread the news fairly quickly. In a tweet this week, Twitter announced that it is experimenting with a new update which allows the user to clip audios with a time limit for up to 30 seconds. Isn’t it amazing? This new feature is available to certain iOS users and is expected to be made available to web and android soon. With this new update, users will be exposed to a whole new level of experience.

This update allows certain iOS users to clip an audio of up to 30 seconds from the recorded spaces and share. Nearly every iOS user is made trouble free to listen to these clips on their timeline. Yet unfortunately the web users as well as the android users are almost always lagging behind the iOS users' experiences. But it is promised by twitter, to make this update available to all android users worldwide as well as the web users in a short period of time.

Furthermore, it is also being said that this update of twitter has been given rise from the clubhouse application, which is a social network typically based on audio, people from all over the world connect with each other by either listening to the other person or by talking to themselves. This application has accelerated its pace of development in recent times of COVID-19. In my opinion, I think this recent update of twitter will allow each user to find pertinent and to the point videos of his or her interest.

Rather than listening to hours long broadcasts to find its point, with this update the users will be provided with a great facility by giving them a fortuity to clip an audio up to the time limit of 30 seconds. With this advancement, the users will beforehand be acquainted with the content of the audio they are going to pay attention to.

This update hence not only is great for the users as it takes less time to know about the content of the audio by clipping the main highlights. But it also provides a great amount of ease to the users by spotlighting and calling attention to the main point of the audio. If a user is interested to listen to the whole audio then simply the user will click the link attached with the clipped audio and will be redirected to the whole audio or broadcast in no time. Similarly if the user is not interested in the topic of the clipped audio, he has the authority to move on to the next audio without wasting any more time on that specific audio.

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