Samsung claims to be rolling out game optimization service by smothering other popular apps including Instagram

Samsung has launched a pre-installed game optimization service in the new upcoming Samsung smartphones including the S22+ series. Samsung Company claims that they are introducing the app to guarantee excellent performance by throttling other apps in the background.

In this era of smartphones, everyone is looking for great experiences and entertainment options in gadgets that are easily accessible. Gamers prefer smartphones if there is a power outage in any area or their desktop isn’t upgraded or working properly. The major problem arises from using smartphones and in this case particularly, Samsung the battery life is much affected. Widely used apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Google apps and Microsoft Office, etc. drain battery life that bothers the users a lot. Samsung offers a high power battery but still many apps appear to be reducing the battery life quickly. To tackle this major concern Samsung appears to launch GOS. GOS feature is available on the Samsung Galaxy Play store. This will help users to smoothly run the high-intensity gaming app and enjoy the fun time without being in trouble of draining battery percentage.

So Samsung has throttled almost 10,000 android apps to be smothered including TikTok and Netflix. However, benchmarking apps don’t seem to be impacted by this GOS. As benchmarking is a way to evaluate the performance of your app. You can run benchmark apps to compare many of Samsung’s apps working. Samsung has reportedly allowed benchmarking apps for example PC Mark, Androbench, GFXBenchmark, and so on. Furthermore, some of Samsung's apps are also being throttled by this GOS including Samsung cloud, Peel remote app, etc.

Even though this GOS feature is remarkable for high-intensity gaming applications, it still contains some flaws too. The feedback from the Samsung users was not appealing as people aren’t satisfied with this update. According to analytics users want to completely undo this application. People using S20 sets really want to uninstall the app but the option is disabled. In response to the review, expectedly, Samsung is soon going to give a verdict on it. Probably if I guess, they will respond with the statement that it was all due to the purpose of saving battery life, and it is not done to throttle any of the android popular applications.

H/T: 9to5G.

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