After Meta’s Instagram, TikTok lands itself in warm water with the attorney generals of different states, here’s why

TikTok is being monitored by several attorneys general of different states; the main motive behind the investigation is to figure out whether the service of the video-focused network has some element of online harm to the minors. The investigation is a follow-up of the inquiry the generals held against Instagram, another social media giant last year because of the same reason. The U.S. attorneys are trying to discover whether social media networks such as TikTok and Instagram are a danger to society or if they violated any of the consumer laws.

The bilateral assembly consists of chief legal advisors from New Jersey, Vermont, Tennessee, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Kentucky, and Nebraska according to the reports.

The assembly of chief legal advisors stated that they are now being reached by AGs from other states to investigate TikTok’s effects on the health of their young generation.

The investigation will also look into the methods used by the company to promote themselves, and the average screen time the minor has with the application.

According to TikTok’s spokesman, TikTok regards health and the security of its audience as a priority. The video-focused social media network also admired the concern of the AGs about the health of the younger generation. The spokesman further added that the company is willing to provide any information related to privacy or security required by the AGs.

The spokesman highlighted that the application has limited some features according to the age of the user and offers parents control over their child’s accounts. Instagram also claimed it has policies regarding the health of its young users after the events in 2019 when FTC imposed a penalty of 5.7 million U.S. dollars on TikTok for violating child privacy rules.

The investigation is followed up by an investigation published by an online journal, according to which Instagram played a role in damaging the mental health of the younger generation.

The attorneys are investigating Meta Inc. for the promotion of Instagram despite paying little attention to the mental damage it has on the younger generation. However, Meta disregards the claims that are made by the AGs and said that the prosecutors have misunderstood facts. The social media giant has postponed the development of a kid’s version of its social media application.

The U.S President Joe Biden has also asked Congress to imply new laws that would boost the well-being of the young generation on social media platforms at the annual state of the union address. He further warned the social media companies to stop collecting personal information to earn profit out of it.

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