Meta launches special word effects on Messenger app to promote Women Empowerment on International Women’s Day

Meta announces some new customized features on its Messenger app to make women feel enthusiastic and to cheer them up on International Women’s Day.

In light of Women’s day, many tech platforms try to raise issues that women are facing on this day. In the same vein, Meta announces to roll out specific word effects, background themes,and stickers on its chatting app, Messenger. Well, First off, word effects isn’t a new feature now since it was launched last year, enabling a top-notch user experience. Word effect is a feature that allows you to save a word on your chat and associate it with any emoji, so whenever you use that specific word in the chat, emoji will be burst on your screen automatically. So what Meta has been updated in the app? To spread positivity and celebrate Women’s day, it has set up a word effect, called ‘Boss’ with a high-pencil heel. So when this word is used, heel emoji will appear with animation. Likewise, there is another word effect that is ‘Go, girl’. By using this word a flex emoji will explode on the chat screen.

Earlier on, Messenger show cast Lunar year, party, Tie-Dye background themes offering amazing experiences. In addition to it, the background theme is to come up with a new exciting Lo-Fi theme for women in Messenger as well as on Instagram. Surprisingly, Meta also initiated to add a new custom avatar for women and profile frames to empower women in society.

Along with that, the popular kids' app, Messenger Kids is also updated to feature iconic women in history as Augmented reality masks. AR masks can be added to the video calls and group calls featuring beard and funny kinds of stuff. Provided that, Meta introduced specific AR masks, especially for women, for instance, the AR mask of famous ideal Women boxer, Marie Curie. Meanwhile, Meta is also planning to add aesthetic themes and stickers which exaggerate sports and leadership skills in teenage girls.

By doing this, Meta aims to celebrate this event in a mega fashion, to encourage small startup businesses that working mothers own. As women all around the world manage both work and home responsibilities in the best possible manner. Yet ,after the circumstances seem to become normal after the pandemic, most of the women decided to run businesses and now a lot of women are young entrepreneurs. Their small startups are contributing to the economic welfare of the societies. Women are becoming stronger and determined. Meta’s efforts are worth contributing.

In short, these customized features are so good to see, but they may offend some people in particular cases. Despite this, you should focus on the main concept, that is, women empowerment and appreciate women for every effort they make to keep others happy.

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