Meta's Testing a New Layout in the Desktop Version of Facebook

Four big redesigns have taken place on Facebook throughout the years.

The "New Facebook," also known as FB5, is the newest and, in some ways, most significant of them all. On both desktop and mobile, Facebook has undergone a major redesign. The site-wide dark mode is also available. Don't go into meltdown mode just yet. It's been a long time since Facebook had a major design change, so this update is unexpected.

Facebook is now enabling users to test out the "New Facebook" on a desktop computer. Once you've logged into Facebook on your desktop, pick the "Switch to New Facebook" option in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. For the basic white style of old Facebook, just deactivate it in Settings by selecting "Disabled."

According to Mashable, some users noticed the new layout last week, with an update message in the app describing the change, which relocates all navigation choices to the left side of the Facebook interface.

With the help of a short wizard, Facebook explained what is new. Your navigation has been streamlined into one location, according to the statement. Messages, alerts, your profile, search, and more are now all in one place.

The news stream seems to be flawless. Because the news stream is the same as what we have in the official Facebook app, you may now enjoy the same experience. There are four sections in the news feed: Home, Watch, Groups, and Gaming.

At the top right of the screen are the choices to Compose, Messaging, Notifications, and your Account. It is located on the right-hand side. On the left of the News Feed are Pages and Shortcuts. This is only in case you'd want to have access to them. The icons, on the other hand, are brand new and look great.

Other than that, there will be enhancements to Facebook Live's interactivity such as Chat for Gaming Groups and tools for users using it for sale and purchase.

User awareness is an important part of the Meta strategy, and emphasizing multiple choices on the page is a good method to do this.

Currently, there isn't much to go on, because it seems like some of the features are still under development, so it's possible that this is merely a test to see how people react.

However small, there is a possibility, that this is a hint as to where Meta intends to take the app moving forward.

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