Apple releases the new Studio Display with a free Thunderbolt Cable

At Tuesday’s event, Apple launched a very affordable iPhone in addition to a Studio Display Monitor. The standalone monitor comes with a free one-meter data cable that according to researchers retails for $129.

Apple released a new batch of products at the “Peek Performance” event this Tuesday, however, the prices of a few products really surprised people.

Along with the third-generation iPhone SE 3 and Mac Studio, Apple also unveiled the Studio Display, a 27-inch monitor with aluminum coating, worth $1,600. As per a report, the Studio Display together with a pro-branded one-meter Thunderbolt 4 cord in the package while the Mac Studio on the other hand doesn’t.

Luckily for those customers who were searching for long cords, the Thunderbolt wire will be available in various lengths in a short time, however, for now, the company is just selling a 1.8-meter cord worth $129 that connects your Studio Display with a PC or any other device. This Thunderbolt 4 Pro is currently available in online Apple stores in various countries.

As per Steve Kovach, a tech reporter at CNBC, the company will soon start selling a super-long three-meter (10 feet long) Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable which will cost $159.

Insider wrote that, in 2020, before the launch of the new thunderbolt cable 4, Apple was separately selling a two-meter Thunderbolt 3 cable, a longer version that costs $129.

Apple’s recently introduced cables provide high-quality pro cables with a black braided style that prevents entangling when twisted, along with that it has a capability to transfer approximately 40GB/s data. Similar to the previously introduced Thunderbolt 3, the newly launched cords also facilitate DisplayPort video output (HBR3).

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