Google is soon going to launch an Archived feature on Android phones to solve storage problems

This week, Google announced a completely new feature called the Archive app that will allow Android users to free-up mobile phone’s space.

Some Android devices have done away with expandable memory. Normally, if you need space, you uninstall some of the apps that aren’t necessary. Well, somewhere in the future, this issue will be resolved once Google successfully launches the archived feature on smartphones. Archived feature was known to be associated with apps like WhatsApp and Gmail. But, excitingly Google is now planning to release an Archived feature that will help in archiving different apps that take a lot of your phone’s space. Considering the low-cost models of Huawei, Samsung, Infinix, etc. Google, pursues to help the users that will let people save space in their 16GB or 32GB smartphones. Google says that archiving will aid in clearing up 60 percent of space on the android that applications can occupy. Additionally, this new feature will disappear the app caches from the mobile instead of uninstalling the applications.

Google disclosed that along with this groundbreaking feature, it will launch a new APK package called Android package that will enable users to save data as long as the data is in the archived mode. Subsequently, if you want to restore the archived app, you can instantly tap on the restore button in the Settings and the application will reappear on your mobile phone. At this moment, we cannot say what benefits it will offer to the latest android versions as it already has enough storage capacity. However, it’s a useful feature for old models. Apart from this, it won’t be a mandatory option as you can simply disable it if not needed.

Prior to this, iOS offers an app-offloading experience. For the ones who don’t get the point, Actually, off-loading enables users to deactivate an application and also store data instead of uninstalling the application. It disappears the app from the device, but stores complete data in the phone’s storage so that isn’t a matter to worry about when a user tries to reinstall the application. It will be amazing to see how this new feature comes around whenever Google makes it available, and you will get to know how much storage space of your device you’ll be able to reclaim.

H/T: TechTimes.

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