Meta Launches New Parental Control Tools For Both Instagram And Virtual Reality

To assist the parents and guardians in their process of looking after their kids' Meta has introduced the launch of a new series of tools to let parents control the exposure time and use for both Instagram and VR of the kids and children users of the app.

These newly launched features on Instagram specifically unites the already present tools and parental control features to bring out a more effective and to-the-point dashboard so that adults and parents could be provided with better ways to decide and manage the way in which the child must use the app.

In an announcement, the chief of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that no one could understand better what is best for their child therefore in December 2021 they decided to develop the tools and controls that allow the parents to have a better insight of their teen’s activities, for this purpose, they decided to function along with the experts, adults, and younger users of the app to establish a family platform, a new platform for parents to observe their child’s accounts using the technology of Meta, setting up, accessing the tools to manage and get in touch with youngers ones regarding the time they spent on the internet.

Mosseri progressed with this perspective to reach a bigger goal. He aimed to establish a platform to give access to the teen’s use of Instagram as well as what, in what way, and how long they use their VR tools also to the parents via Meta technology app. Parents will also get a notification when the teen might report someone and will be able to see which account the child has reviewed badly about.

According to Instagram, this project may take a few months to complete, because a little more work to be done is required. For example, allowing both parents to set the time limit for how long the teen must use the app which will require letting 2 people simultaneously have access to a single account.

Meta is also planning and working to introduce more features, for example, the parent account having the authority to allow and reject the app download on the child’s account. Also managing the ads and unappropriated links from popping up on teen search bars. Meta is also bringing a variety of unlocking methods to let children have access to a limited number of apps and features.

According to Meta by this April Insta is planning to introduce a new security program where parents could set a lock pad to lock the apps and games for 13 children to avoid them from playing any game that is unappropriated for their age. Though it is not an absolutely safe system to prevent the excessive use of VR considering its gaming popularity, Meta said it is just the beginning, a step towards creating better and safer digital experiences.

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