Clubhouse announces to launch a handy Wave bar feature over the top of the apps' interface

Popular social audio-based platform, Clubhouse is testing a handy wave bar feature at the top of the screen, that allows users to see their friends that are online at the moment and can wave them instantly to enter a conversational room whether social or private group.

Back in 2020, the Clubhouse app was launched on iOS and then on Android, where people can listen to their favorite conversations and interact with people from all walks of life. There are separate social and private chat rooms where people are legally allowed to hear the audio. Right now, Clubhouse's market share is 1.47 percent with more than 2255 companies using this application. Last year, the app had been downloaded by more than 28 million people worldwide. Since the app had launched, the company introduced several updates to provide a better user experience. Later, in September 2021, the Wave feature was launched in the app, but it needs some modifications as previously people have to search for the friend in groups, then tap on the sub-menu bar, consequently, they would be able to wave their friend. Now, the Wave bar feature is a solution to the problem. With this bar, you can easily see who's online by looking at the friends' profile pic with the wave icon and then simply wave to start up a room with them without spending your thumb's precious energy on a sidebar.

To clarify, upon noticing your friend who is online at the moment, you can easily add your friends on social rooms and a new ping at the top of those rooms makes the process easy. However, there is a caution for users. While using this feature, make sure to use the "new lock room button" to keep your conversations secure and private. So, make sure to change this setting before using the wave bar feature and make your one-on-one chats private.

Furthermore, the app had also introduced text-based chats in late February. Along with this, the Wave bar will also encourage people to chat more. Still, the app needs some more useful features to surpass Messenger and Twitter in this regard, but as reported by App Annie, the daily user count in the United Kingdom fell from 550,000 last month. This shows the Clubhouse app dying out now, might be because people prefer Twitter over it.

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