Is using a cell phone hazardous to your health?

Nowadays, every single person is using cell phones several hours a day, however, a lot of people worry that their smartphones can cause serious health problems, which isn’t all that surprising. Let’s dig into it.

Radiations that are most hazardous to us are the ionizing radiations that can damage human DNA, leading to cancer, but your mobile phone doesn’t emit that kind of radiation. Cell phones communicate with cell towers using a form of radiation known as radiofrequency, or RF, Radiation. The word radiation is just in there because it’s the form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. Smartphones emit waves that are non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that gradually damages the genetic material over a long exposure.

Doctors and Scientists do take the potential health risks of cell phones seriously, and a lot of studies have been done to see if there’s a link between cell phones and cancer. One study of a million women in the UK found what seems to be a weak link to a tumor called an acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor in the nerve that leads from the ear to the brain. More frequent cell phone use was correlated with a higher risk of getting this tumor. But the study followed the subjects for seven years to check the connection, but the authors concluded the study was a statistical fluke and there isn’t any link between these two.

What is SAR Value in mobile phones?

Cell phones are designed by a company, keeping in mind SAR value. You might have heard about a phone giving a 1.55 watt per kg SAR value. SAR is abbreviated as Specific Absorption Rate. SAR value is all about radiation rate, as it will tell you how much of your phone is emitting electromagnetic radiation.The unit of SAR is watt per kg. In European countries, the standard SAR value for cell phones is 2.0 W/kg. To measure the amount of radiation emitted by mobile phones, a phone has to be certified by the authorities and to be marketed in the U.S. and the UK, it must be less than 1.6 W/kg of body weight. So, which smartphone brand offers the most SAR value to us? Well, companies like Apple, LG, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo and Samsung have set up some of their mobile sets on less than 0.5 W/kg SAR value, on the other hand, same brands offer SAR above 1. You can read the 2022's updated list of phones that emit the most and least radiations here.

Keeping in mind the fact that mobile phones might not cause cancer but as you know prevention is better than cure. To keep yourself safe and sound you must take care of the following measures to prevent health hazards.

1. While you’re sleeping, try to keep your phone 2 to 3 meter away from your bed.

2. Wait for call connection, because when the call is connected, the radiation is at its maximum as it captures signals on its receiving antenna when your audio call is connected. So try to take minimum time to communicate through your mobile.

3. When you’re not watching anything on your phone, try to keep it on airplane mode.

4. If you’re in a certain area where the signals aren’t enough, avoid using your phone.

Take a look at below infographic "Is Cell Phone Radiation What You Should Be Worried About?" from Pandasecurity for more insights.

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