A survey reveals that most US citizens do not prefer news podcasts as a medium for getting an update on current happenings

Pew Research center published a report which says around 23% of U.S citizens used podcasts as a medium to get themselves aware of the news.

Just like radio, a podcast is an online audio broadcasting system that has gained surprisingly massive interest from internet users especially grabbing the attention of an audience that falls into the teenage category, denoting a third of Americans who listen to podcasts for news purposes.

The survey of approximately 20,000 Americans reveals that 56% never used podcasts as a mean to get news.

As per Pew findings younger consumers "are more likely than older adults to at least sometimes get news from podcasts". This means that if podcast publishers focus on the youngsters, and generate news-related content then it may help in seeking new users. Nevertheless, despite the data showing the decrease in the number of people using a podcast as a go-to source for news, it is expected that ad revenue grows rapidly. As per the interactive advertising bureau America’s ad revenue is expected to rise to $2 billion in the upcoming year.

Podcasts offer you the advantage that you can hear it anywhere. The podcast helps supplement other information. So, if you wake up early, the daily news podcast is specially designed for you. You can go and check Spotify and Google podcast app.

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