Instagram is rolling out a feature that will help live streamers assign a moderator for their live streams

Live streams have become quite popular in the last two years as everyone was quarantining and needed a way to stay connected. As usual the social media apps caught on and now most of those apps have a feature from where you can go live.

Instagram has done exactly something like that. Since its release back in 2010 the app has constantly been rolling out features to make using the app easier for the users. Now it has given those users the ability to manage their lives’ comments section a little better using moderators that will control the flow of traffic and delete those comments that are being repeated or spammed by a single account.

The streamers will be able to assign a Moderator from within the stream who in turn will be able to report, delete or block a comment or commenter. They will also have the ability to completely remove a viewer from a stream and/or block them from entering the stream again.

This measure was taken to ensure that no-one becomes the subject of harassment or bullying during live streams. It is also made so that the streams stay family friendly and safe for children to watch. One example is of the time when Pakistani actress Hania Amir started crying while experiencing cyber bullying on her Instagram live.

But as all good things have their flaws; this feature can be used for the moderator’s advantage as a ticket to get away with and promote cyber-bullying and harassment. Also, to add to this the tech giant has also been testing more methods to further secure a live from bullies. All while making live streaming easier for users as it is already very simple as you just need an Instagram account and a good Wi-Fi or data connection to live stream. It is another matter if you don’t have followers to interact with.

The moderator can be added from a drop-down menu located in the comment section’s menu icon. The moderator can be chosen from a list of users or by specifically searching for that account from the search bar that will appear once a user clicks on the menu.

A thing that is also quite worth mentioning is that the viral video sharing app TikTok also released a similar feature for their live streams just the previous year.

This is a great feature that will help the app become more friendly and safe for people to use.

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