Here's what Twitter is planning to do to attract more new users on its social network

Twitter has set a new goal for itself. The social networking company is planning to increase its daily users by almost fifty percent at the end of this year from this week. To accomplish this, the company needs to speed up the procedure to add more users, releasing and even renovating features than its current pace to attract more users to the social networking app.

To coup this, Twitter continues to make swift changes to its structure, clearly noticeable by the appointment of the new CEO, Parag Agrawal just last year. This week, the company announced that it will be appointing three new heads of the chief product officers under the GM. Jay Sullivan who will be responsible for a consumer product, Arnaud Weber who will be responsible for product engineering and Anita Butler who will be the head of consumer designs.

However, the company is still trying to find a solution to its long-time identified problem, which is that many of the users who have registered, don’t usually post anything.

The new CEO, Agarwal, first and foremost restructured the managerial team into three divisions, one that will deal with the final products, one that will deal with the revenue product, and another one that will deal with the technology to support that the app builds.

According to the new CPOs, Parag Agarwal has not changed the strategy but has changed how things used to operate.

According to Arnaud Weber, the head responsible for product engineering, Agarwal’s arrival has changed how things used to be developed. Agarwal’s strategies are driven by the data collected.
Former CEO, Jack Patrick Dorsey might have left Twitter for BLOCK, but he surely has left behind the company’s interest in crypto. The social networking company continues its different approaches to the crypto world, even investing in Bluesky.

Crypto plays an important role in how the social media app is planning on allowing its users to approach creators. The app has recently developed a feature that would allow users to receive crypto (BTC & ETH) as payments.

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