Telegram Now Has A Unique Download Manager As Well As An Attachment Menu

New capabilities have been introduced to Telegram's popular quick messaging service that makes it simpler for individuals to transfer files and documents.

To make it simpler for Telegram users to browse things that they've downloaded through chats, Telegram has introduced an innovative download manager. For the first time, Telegram users can transfer data of any format as far as its size is less than 2 GB.

New icons appear in the search menu while things are downloading, users can see and manage downloads, pause/resume, or choose particular objects and enhance their priority or see them in a chat.

A new menu for choosing and sending multiple files will be available to users. Telegram has also revised the iOS Attachment Menu. As a result, the newly redesigned Files page will display recently transferred documents and allow users to look them up by name.

Another new feature in the most recent version is an opportunity for Telegram users to establish a customized @username from the Settings, allowing others to easily reach them through Search or customized link even without giving their contact information.

Another change is that all links now show a browser preview that includes the new chat backdrops and visual design seen in the Web application.

This feature was offered to iOS users in June 2021 by Telegram. Those who have been waiting for Android for more than half a year now can finally relax. It's now possible for Android users to get a taste of what it's like to use Telegram in Dark Theme on an iPhone. And now you can even use a live streaming app on your PC! To make things even easier, OBS Studio has been updated to allow mobile viewers to watch your broadcasts live.

Aside from OBS Studio and XSplit, users can create a live broadcast on their own utilizing third-party streaming systems. Writers and journalists both can now include overlays and multi-screen designs into their broadcasts as a result of this technology.

Start video chat or live broadcast on your channel, then hit the "Start With" button to begin streaming.

Create phone number links to make it simpler for others to begin conversations with you if your privacy settings enable anybody to locate you by this method of contact.

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