Twitter now allows you to see latest tweets instead of its recommendation algorithms

Twitter is currently updating the application to assist users to easily shift between its technically designed Home page and the page that displays all the “recent” tweets. Usually, when users need to go to the other page, they have to click on the “spark” button, which is present at the upper-right corner of the screen, and then in order to go back to the previous pages, they’re required to repeat the same action. However, from today on Apple devices, if they click on that button, they will get a choice to pin the home page and all the latest news feeds will be available for them on the home page so that they can easily alternate between both the feeds just with a swipe.

Twitter said that the new update will make this feature much more obvious and convenient to use. Moreover, they say that it will be easy for the user to know and recognize which feed they’re scrolling right now.

The technology company makes significant changes when they’re being constantly pressurized by the higher authorities for their algorithmic recommender systems and the opaqueness of their inside operations. A dual-party group of U.S. lawmakers proposed the Filter Bubble Transparency Act that involves technology companies presenting a version of their social networking forum that doesn’t collect user information to provide suggestions. This proposal was to benefit those users who don’t want company recommendations, as they’ll have the choice to switch off the company’s suggestion if they want to.

After this, Instagram assured that they will again bring in a sequential feed option. (Precisely, a reverse-order feed).

Twitter, on the other hand, had introduced that option already, but many of the users were unaware of it. The current update will probably highlight the option – the sparkle button is going to be in the same spot – and can even make the Twitter application very convenient to use.

Along with considering and assisting the account user’s choice, a display of “Recent” tweets on a page is also big news for users, as the immediacy with which you receive information is much more important than a recommendation of some content that you’ve been missing. It’s kind of more helpful now considering the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” related posts, as a lot of people usually depend on these social networking platforms to acquire information about what’s going on in the world.

In October, Twitter started trying out the feature in public but now when they’re sure that they’re getting desired responses, they’re determined to introduce it widely.

Currently, the update is available to iOS users only, however, soon it is going to be accessible to Android and web users too. When asked for a specific day, Twitter reported it to be in the “upcoming weeks”.

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