Google Gears Up To Allow Some Applications To Use Their Own Payment Systems

Google is all set to begin piloting a new model that gives Android developers the opportunity to use their own payment system.

For many Android developers, this means taking advantage of a pilot program that will make use of other billing systems that are not present in the Google Play Store.

This breakthrough move will allow applications to bypass the platform’s own billing system as well as the high commission that it charges, which is said to be a major concern for many app makers.

All of those users that have Spotify downloaded on their phones will now be given the opportunity to either pay with the usual Google Play Billing System or resort to Spotify’s system of payment. This will reportedly be available in a number of selected countries in the next few months, Google confirmed.

While the test program will only include a small fraction of participating developers such as Spotify for now, if things do go according to plan, others could soon be included as well.

In a blog post, Google mentioned how the new pilot will assist in increasing its understanding regarding how billing based on user choice works in a number of leading countries, including app developers arising from various categories and sizes.

Last year, Google mentioned how it planned on giving developers the freedom to choose another means of payment that went alongside their own, under the unveiling of a new South Korean competition law.

Spotify is yet to elaborate on the decision but it did mention how its collaboration with Google in the new trial was incorporated via a ‘multi-year agreement’. In the same way, Spotify stated that it was unsure whether the pilot would directly affect the fees taken by Google from the purchases made from the app via the Play Store payment system.

The news comes as both Apple and Google face widespread criticism from a number of developers regarding fees taken from purchases made in digital stores. They have also faced great scrutiny as many app developers can’t use third-party in-app billing methods.

For a number of years, Spotify has led the pack in being a vocal critic for the Apple Store fees, where it has reportedly even filed an antitrust complaint regarding the ‘Apple Tax’ matter in 2019.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Spotify says it will also soon be launching its own pilots in the market where a Premium subscription can be availed. However, it’s still unclear how and when that will actually happen.

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