Google Just Renamed Its Search By Photo Feature

Google is the sort of company that constantly tries to make it so that it adds more features to its main properties because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up preventing the company from becoming obsolete due to a lack of innovation. Its search engine is arguably the single most popular product and service that it currently offers which has resulted in Google trying to incorporate new features into it so that it can be optimized in every way imaginable.

One of the new search features that Google has recently ended up rolling out was meant to allow users to search photos of places that might be in locations that are relatively near to them. This feature was added a few years ago, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that it didn’t have a name up until recently. Google has finally given this feature a name, and it’s being called Find Places Through Photos.

The main goal of this feature is to enable users to take pictures of things that they find interesting and then search Google for them so that they can find out what places offer such things in close proximity to them. This can go for things like tires, with searching for a picture of car tires potentially connecting you to various mechanics that are nearby.

It’s easy to see how useful this feature can be, and it would most likely result in a lot more people relying on Google for their day to day needs. It used to be called Search By Photo, and the fact that it has been renamed suggests that Google wants to focus more on its potential for local searches. Localizing search features has been a big part of Google’s game plan for quite a long time now, and this seems to be a continuation for that. The feature remains the same apart from its new name, and that indicates that it will still provide the same functionality that users might prefer from it.

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