As Smartwatches Become More Affordable, Apple Watches Are Still The Most Popular

Although Apple's market dominance has been challenged by Chinese and Indian manufacturers, a 27% annual increase in smartwatch sales allowed Apple to sustain its lead in the last quarter of 2021.

With a global market share of more than 80%, the Apple Watch Series 6 is loved by everyone around the world. Coming up were the Apple Watch SE, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Apple Watch Series 3 and imoo Z6-4G By selling at a high average cost, the business captured half of the global industry.

Listed below is a breakdown of competitors' results.

• A top smartwatch manufacturer in 2021, Samsung. It was the brand's largest quarterly shipment ever with a 200 percent rise. This growth lasted until December. Wear OS has been a huge hit for Google.

• Despite persistent US limitations, Huawei produced new high-end gadgets and smartwatches, but its sales were doomed. The debut of the Smartwatch GT 3 and Watch Fit Mini raised Huawei's shipments more than double year-on-year.

• Without a new model in 2021, sales fell somewhat. The company was the undisputed leader in the children's wristwatch sector, even though it expanded outside of China.

• Amazfit's market share grew by over 20% in 2021. Also, the Amazfit high-end GTR and GTS variants were increasingly popular, increasing their average selling price by 11%

• Garmin exceeded expectations in 2021. Initially, Garmin targeted specialty markets like aviation and diving with their smartwatches. Affordability and design are becoming more important factors in the company's product development. Because of this, it gained one place in the global rankings to sixth place, up 35% year over year.

• Fitbit had a bad 2021. Sense and Versa 3 launched in 2020, but no new models will be released after that due to the company's merger with Google. In 2021, the YoY drop was 15%. The Versa 4 is expected to recreate some of the faded luster and enthusiasm in late 2022 and beyond.

• A spectacular first half and a good second half of 2021 for Xiaomi's Redmi Watch 2 series. Having additional alternatives should help Xiaomi gain market share.

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