Are iOS Users Really More Privacy Conscious Than Android Smartphone Users?

The battle between Apple and Android has been ongoing for quite some time now, and people in each corner tend to have their own reasons for why they are choosing their specific product line. However, with an increase in privacy concerns that has resulted in 34% of people that currently own a smartphone saying that they are worried about how their personal data might be used without their consent, privacy has become another factor that people can compare both types of operating systems with.

One thing to note is that the majority of global smartphone users currently use Android phones. 75% of smartphone users use Android, and 28% use iOS. The overlap might be due to the reason that some users possess both phones, but regardless of that Android appears to be more popular for whatever reason. What’s more is that only around 25% of all smartphone users feel like they have some kind of control over how their data is used, so this is clearly an issue that many of them are going to need to get through.

There is also a bit of a trend that involves people switching to iOS from Android as well as vice versa. However, only 20% of iOS users are currently considering switching to Android as compared to 27% that are thinking of making the opposite switch essentially switching to iOS after having used an Android phone. The reasons that people give for wanting to switch are also quite varied, but the general consensus that can be found reveals that people perceive iOS to be more secure.

52% of users switching to iOS said that they were doing so for improved functionality compared to 34% that said the same for Android. 44% also said that increased data protection was something that made them want to switch, with only 25% saying the same for Android. Android to iOS switchers also feel like they are going to get better hardware with an Apple phone, as well as improved security against antiviruses and the like which is definitely something that will help them feel more secure while they are using their phones.

As for iOS users switching to Android, the primary reason appears to be a wider selection of apps which is ironic considering iOS was once the OS that had far more apps than Android so it’s clear that their roles have reversed in this respect. Compatibility with other devices is also something that makes iOS users want to switch to Android since Apple has a pretty restrictive ecosystem that is not compatible with all that many third party devices and companies, and iOS users also seem to feel like Android has a somewhat simpler interface when they switch.

There is also a bit of a difference regarding what apps Android users and iOS users tend to use. Android users are more likely to use Education, Gaming and Photography apps whereas dating and lifestyle apps seem to be more appealing to iOS users in general. One similarity is that Gen Z users spend the same amount of time whether they use Android or iOS, with the average daily time for both groups of users being around 4 hours and 17 minutes.
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