Google is releasing yet another update this week, here are some noticeable feature that will be available for the users to enjoy

Yet again, Google is releasing another set of updates this week. The tech giant is looking forward to making changes to its user’s phones, so they won’t have to wait for the monthly update which is sometimes even delayed. In the update, Google will fix some critical errors that are present in its platform. Alongside that, some amendments are planned to be made for Play Store; however, it is uncertain if users will be able to notice the changes made to it or not.

The list of changes that will be made is not the longest one, ever since the tech company started sharing the logs about the changes it has made for the audience on monthly basis, especially if the update will change the user interface. The changes that will be to the play store might be noticeable to the users that use the app on daily basis. The seven changes that will be made are related to the ‘Play as you download’ feature just like the update that was released before this. The tech giant is carrying on with innovations like play’s billing which enables users to sell the digital products that user has on the android device, users won’t be able to spot any major detailed changes made to the application.

However, different points should be highlighted here, that is; the patch will fix the critical errors in different platforms, and an operating system for smartwatches is here as well. The feature helps users connect their watches to the web. With these noticeable changes, a few changes that mostly concerns publishers are made. The update will be released this week soon; users can keep track of the changes made monthly over at Google’s support page.

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