Users receiving messages from their own numbers as hackers finding a new way to fool you

With the advancing technology, the way of scamming, hacking and many other cyber crimes have increased tremendously too. However, while we are accustomed to the normal and unique way of hacking and phishing, this particular story will blow your mind.

All of us are no strangers to spam messages that tell us we've won something or have been selected for a job we didn't even apply for. But these messages that have been recently appearing on many phones are something unique as they are coming from the receiver's number itself. Weird right?

Well, there are many people (complaining on social networks) who received a message saying that they won something in exchange for paying their phone bill. Upon first sight it looked just like any other spam message one might receive but upon closer look it was revealed that the message came from the receiver's own phone number. When they tried to check it further they were directed back to their own contact card which had their contact data in it. They could not even report the incident to their service provider who couldn't have done anything to stop it as it was coming from the same number to and from. The problem was seen among many other Verizon mobile carrier users. However, several other users with different sim carriers have claimed to receive the same message too.

Photo: Twitter / @alex_lanstein

It may kind of put people off when one receives a message from their own number. However, in this era of technology it’s not hard for hackers to design themselves any number they want to fool you. However, one still should be extremely conscious and aware of what to do.

In such situations when one receives a message from a gift receiver for any small task they did, the number one thing to do is never click on the link. The link is the entire spam game and you don’t know where you will be directed to and what data may be collected meanwhile. Hence, if anyone ever encounters such a situation it is important to never open the link.

Spammers and hackers are finding new ways to fool people and trap them in many different ways. For one to secure their data and protect themselves it is always important to stay alert in times when you receive such obnoxious messages or any other spam attack.

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