Google enables a new AdSense feature "Related Search for Content" to help marketers generate more Ads revenue

This week, Google announced that they are going to launch a new search widget on the websites that can be a source of incremental ads’ revenue.

Recently, Google has launched several features to its AdSense suite, as they launched search ads 360 site management platforms, and Qaya which is a term designed for creators, providing a storefront hub. In addition to it, Google has now come up with an amazing tool "Related Search for Content" to remarkably boost the On-Site engagement from visitors. Excitingly, this feature looks like “Related Articles” widgets, which means that it will catch users to explore more of your content.

If you see an in-depth analysis of this update, you'll find that it’s wonderful for marketers and website publishers. So, how does it work? Basically, site owners now have the opportunity to create search links in their AdSense account and display more relevant search units to their site, so the viewer engages to publisher’s site by clicking on the related pages of their website, hence able to generate more user engagement and monetization of search topics, which directly benefits them in peaking ads revenue. Further, the ‘’Related Search for Content feature’’ essentially works on providing improved ad impressions, exposure, and page insights. The reason why I am saying this is that it drives users to explore more stuff through relevant suggestions which will benefit them, particularly by discovering new brands and businesses in their Google search tool. In this way, page views and ads engagement will increase.

Moreover, there is another exciting advantage when it comes to user’s privacy. With this in mind, Google smartly designed the feature as it will display relevant searches to the users, based on the websites' related keywords and will not require data from the user's search history. Meanwhile, advertisements displayed on the site will also depend on the website's related content but not the users' actual data.

In other words, it’s a really cool update in terms of expanding ads, driving more website engagement by hooking visitors to your website for a longer period.

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