Whatsapp desktop releases two new updates, reaction stickers and waveforms in voice notes

When the first wave of Covid-19 hit back in 2019, the whole world was forced to go into lockdown due to which many people got stuck in other countries or cities separated from their families. So in order to stay connected they turned to apps of digital communication like Whatsapp. The Meta-owned Whatsapp is an app that allows users to chat with and call their loved ones fully free of cost but with only a good data or Wi-Fi connection as a limitation.

As all companies are always working for the betterment of their apps and the ease of their users, the same is the case with Whatsapp. The app is constantly working on updates that make it better for the users to use and stay connected, and recently they announced a new update. The desktop update in question is one that will allow users to react to messages using reaction stickers. The app still has the update in the process of being rolled out and will be available in the app’s desktop Beta v.2.2147.11 update. The beta update is available, but the feature is not as it has not completely come out yet.

This feature is disabled by default and can be accessed by first clicking on the settings app to further see an option labeled notifications from where a user can activate whether or not they want to receive notifications when someone likes their message.

On the other hand some selective Beta users have also received waveforms in their voice note rather than just a straight line as seen previously, reports WABI. When a user records a voice note the waves go up and down according to the pitch of their voice. The restriction of this feature to work is not only limited to the sender but the receiver as well as they both need to have the latest version of the app’s beta program. The waveforms appear in the chat boxes or bubbles whenever a user sends a voice note. The update was originally only for Beta users, but now it is available for everyone that has the latest version of Whatsapp aka the 2.2208 version for desktop.

For the first update it should also be noted that Instagram has a similar feature where it gives users the ability to react to other people’s messages.

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