Google might be working on a feature that would give iOS users the ability to transfer their data to Android devices

Android has always lacked in storing data for backup. Even now, when data like your Wi-Fi passwords, images, videos, and many other forms of data can be backed up on Google Drive; however transferring data of many applications is impossible without using any third-party tool. Migrating data between iOS devices and Android devices is also an issue.

According to the reports, to tackle this problem; Google is planning on a solution by making the iOS users able to switch their device to Android.

The news surfaced for the first time in 2021 when reports about Google working on a project that would allow the users to switch to Android for iOS users, which would not only restore the data already backed up on the user’s Google account but also move the data to an android device. However, back then things weren’t clear enough about the type of data users would be able to migrate. But now, things are much clearer, especially because of 9to5Google’s report.

9to5Google is a blog that covers any new information about Google, they found a string attached to the new Google’s data transfer tool, which as of this moment can transfer data from an android to another android device. According to the information, the application will soon be able to transfer a copy of their images and videos from Apple’s iCloud.

Right now, transferring data from an android device to an iOS device is possible however the procedure is very complicated. The new feature would make the procedure much simpler and faster. Another finding that was uncovered by the media company was a string that mentioned Lightning cable, which could be a feature that would allow users to connect the devices of the two different operating systems to connect for quick migration of data.

Google’s annual input/output conference is likely to take place in the coming months; the tech giant might announce the new feature till then.

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