Google Chrome is working on a new feature that will allow users to share saved password

Sometimes our memory isn't up to the task of remembering all of the passwords we've used in the past. Google Chrome understands this and found a solution for it by allowing users to remember their passwords, but the corporation is currently working on a more advanced version of this service, called "send-password."

The function is visible in tests, but it is currently not in action. Nothing happens when you click on this. When this feature will be available sometime in the future, it will allow you to send passwords without much effort to others within the security of your browser. The option is available on the famous 3 dots within the overflow menu very next to each password.

However, the question of why we would provide our password to someone else has arisen. As cyber thieves have become more skillful in recent years, this feature appears to be an open door for them. It may appear that sending our password to someone is risky, but there are numerous reasons why we should do so, especially if you're part of a team in a media team. You must frequently share passwords with your coworkers because you have multiple social media accounts and access as a team. In other scenarios some of you might like sharing your Netflix password with your friends or family. In these cases this Chrome password sharing tool might help.

You'll need to organize password sharing if you want to keep a secure password for those accounts. Passwords stored in Chrome's password manager can already be duplicated, thus this would be a significant improvement.

It appears that this functionality will take some time before it appears in your browsers, so be patient until you have to work with less reliable and unstable programmers’ from the app store. Although it takes time to create trust in functional mode because any new feature will take time to show progress.

It is great to see that Google is working towards such great initiatives which will work in favor for all its users globally.

H/T: Leopeva64

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