4 Tips for Your Next Workation

Combining business and pleasure has been taken to a whole new level during the last couple of years. Intelligent work makes it easy to do your business almost everywhere especially if you don’t need to consider the time differences. We give you the best tips to make your next workation most amazing.

The value of flexibility has risen like a skyrocket during a couple of years and workers seem to want to decide their days as much as possible. Conversation about working in the office has been out there for quite some time and both employers and employees have started to question more about the need to come to the bureau every single day.

Workation as a Solution for Wellbeing

Small companies might find it hard to provide a decent amount of vacation. This is worrying because it is known that a break from work is crucial for mental health. People need to unwind and recharge the batteries every now and then. It increases the efficiency and joy in the work life.

However, getaways can be almost impossible for many people if it’s a non-paid. If you need to run a business and your other day-to-day activities it might be a difficult equation. Combining the holiday to work can be a great solution for this and there are plenty of brilliant places to do that around the world.

Going to Cities for a Workation provides different opportunities for singles, couples and families. Of course you can filter your wishes based on your lifestyle but there are many cities that have activities to offer, pleasant weather and moderate price range. They need of course to be safe enough too.

Technology Makes It All Possible

Technology has digitised work life tremendously. It has itself developed along the way and the advancements take steps forward constantly. Thanks to improved technology, the workations are more possible than ever. When we talk about intelligent work, you basically need decent equipment, a steady internet connection and good ergonomics to perform your work anywhere and everywhere.

This has provided flexibility in an entirely new way which has enabled the white-collar workers to have working vacations. It is not maybe the most ideal way to relax when customers are reaching out, the vendors are waiting for their requests and to-do lists need to be completed but definitely better than nothing.

This hybrid holiday gives you a nice compromise for running the business and having quality time with your family or friends at the same time. To optimise the workation, you need some planning and we are happy to give you the best tips for making it possible.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Having the workation for the first time might sound almost scary at the start. How is it possible at all when the days are filled with putting out small fires? The secret is that you don’t have to manage the workation all by yourself. Get some trustworthy help and assistance when you are out of office because that makes you enjoy your stay off much more.

Take a pen and list things you can give to your assistant or coworker. If your company is a one man band and you do everything alone, you can consider asking for help from a reliable close one. Your family member or friend can be a great help or you can check out a short term virtual assistant who makes sure that things are organised.

Make the tasks as clear as possible. Provide specific tasks that are easy to understand such as answering simple email inquiries, paying invoices or answering customer calls. When you get some additional help you will get rid of a lot of weight from your shoulders and you can better focus on the most significant things.

Ensure The Workation Friendliness

World is full of wonderful places but some of them are better for workation than others. Lonely islands and breathtaking mountains can offer amazing experiences but they are not necessarily best for your so called work-life balance.

Make sure that your destination has decent Wi-Fi connections and other facilities to perform your work flawlessly. As mentioned before, the technology has made workation possible but if the technology does not work in the place, there is not much you can do.

Investigate also the potential city or country. Find out how safe it generally is and what the potential risks can be. You don’t have to study it all the way but knowing something useful in advance can make your workation so much smoother.

It is also worth mentioning that you should remember to enjoy it and have fun too. It might be challenging to jump between work and off-time but try to remember the purpose of it all. Aim to relax and do only what is necessary because most important is to get the most of it as much as possible.
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