New Study: 2022 TikTok Engagement Benchmarks - How TikTok’s Growth Has Impacted Other Networks’ Engagement?

With an incredible expansion since its launch, in 2022 TikTok became not only the fastest growing social media network but also the most engaging one, as data indicates.

Just like Instagram in its early days, TikTok is a platform populated mostly by creators.

Even if TikTok seems to reward existing brand accounts with extremely high engagement rates, most businesses still find themselves at a crosswalk, wondering whether they should or should not join this new, video-exclusive social media platform.

Before launching a TikTok account, every brand is interested in knowing what ROI this kind of initiative could bring - and, of course, through which tactics it can be maximized.

Thus, some research covering the most successful type of content on the platform, the optimal posting strategy, and other KPIs like the average view rate or engagement rate is - needless to say - absolutely necessary.

As part of these topics were also addressed in the latest social media study conducted by Socialinsider, we’ll briefly highlight the most insightful findings the analysis of more than 27 million posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined has revealed.

TikTok engagement stats - TikTok has an average engagement rate of 5.95%

These days, TikTok is on every social media manager’s lips. While some may speak about its visionary concept and its influence in setting social media trends, some may discuss and be amazed by its extraordinary engagement levels.

In analyzing the benefits of using the different social media platforms available, each one’s success in increasing brand awareness and overall business’ promotion, numbers speak louder than anything else.

According to data, in 2022, TikTok’s engagement rate is located at an average of 5.95%, having an increase of 14.26% compared to last year’s values.

The second most engaging social media platform and TikTok’s major competitor - Instagram - once the social media pioneer, had significant decreases in engagement over the last year, reaching an average engagement rate of only 0.83%.

Although Instagram still tries to catch up with TikTok’s constant innovations through a series of new or improved features - like it’s the case with Reels or Instagram’s new packaging of long-form video content, the great engagement differences do not show a very likely possibility for that to happen.

Most popular industries on TikTok

While the most engaging sector on TikTok is, for now, the FMCG Food category - with an average engagement rate of 15.82%, there are also other industries that over last year have succeeded in keeping TikTok’s younger audience hooked and engaged.

What’s fascinating and worth mentioning is that most industries that reached higher engagement rates than the platform’s average achieved in doing so mostly over 2021, revealing their content strategy focus for last year and maybe moving forward.

Some of the most popular industries on TikTok in 2022 are also the automotive, beverages, home-living, and travel sectors.

Judging by their engagement drops on the other social media platforms, it can be concluded that for these industries 2021 was a year in which TikTok was the primary focus.

Posting strategy for TikTok in 2022

Given that Twitter has the shortest life period for its posts, being the newsiest social media platform, many Twitter brands are the most active on this particular network.

In the other platform’s case, however, businesses post more than a post per day in very few situations. The most notable exception is the case of two industries: media-house and magazine-journals, which over 2021 increased their average number of posts per day on Facebook from one to three.

As expected, most brands are still very cautious with their uploads on TikTok, posting from one video per day (the highest posting frequency) to a short clip once every few days.

The most active industries on TikTok in terms of posting frequency are the same ones that stand out throughout the board, mentioned earlier.

TikTok posts with more hashtags gain more engagement

Ever since they were first introduced on Instagram, hashtags have become one of the most popular techniques people and brands alike used to grow their post’s reach.

Gradually, the tactic of using hashtags inside social media posts was picked up on all the other social media networks as well.

Nonetheless, if on Instagram there’s this everlasting question of whether it’s best to use more or fewer hashtags, on the other social media platforms, businesses usually insert only a couple of hashtags in their social posts, this applying also in TikTok’s case.

The most reliable answer for the matter just addressed will, of course, be offered by data.

Therefore, it will be interesting to see how does the TikTok engagement fluctuates depending on the insertion of more or fewer hashtags - especially since most TikTok videos don’t include more than ten hashtags.

The data analysis revealed that inserting hashtags in a TikTok video can have a pretty significant impact on the TikTok engagement, and it’s recommended to apply this tactic for greater TikTok results.

While most brands on the platform are still figuring out how the TikTok algorithm works and are just starting to test out the app, they may not consider using hashtags in their TikTok posts yet. Which turns this analysis into a great starting point.

To sum up, this point, as data exposed, the usage of up to ten hashtags in a TikTok post can increase engagement from an average of 5.47% up to 6.41%.

When creating a TikTok content strategy for 2022, businesses should not overlook this weighty difference.

Final thoughts

The challenge of tailoring a TikTok marketing strategy for 2022 becomes more pressing for brands, as the social media users are slowly migrating towards newer platforms, causing the engagement on Instagram or Facebook to drop massively.

The trends have long indicated that short-form videos are here to stay, and the high engagement TikTok delivers is the best proof for its appeal. By offering content that’s more tailored towards the user’s preferences, TikTok is pretty hard to be downgraded in the people’s eyes and hearts.

Looking at this fantastic TikTok engagement stats TikTok delivers nowadays, it’s only a matter of time until more brands will hop in and join the network.
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