WhatsApp tests a new feature on Android enabling document previews upon sharing

An exciting update for the WhatsApp Beta testers is that the app has tested a new feature, Document preview which views media files as a document. Earlier updates didn’t allow us to know the content being received or sent since there was no preview. This feature will help by enabling users to have enhanced image previews for Doc. links as spotted by WABI.

Earlier on, Whatsapp introduced and tested a lot of advanced features that may not be visible instantly to the Beta testers of iOS and Androids, it has added numerous features including customized privacy settings, delete for everyone feature, cover photo, and one-time permission to view an image.

Likewise, this recent document preview update was so important. The issue that is usually associated with WhatsApp is that whenever you share Docs, thumbnails aren’t visible. The problem with the current Doc. sharing UI is that receivers are not available to view the file unless they open/download it. So the upcoming feature will enable users to have a glimpse of what a document file may contain.

Let’s see when this feature is fully functional to the masses. I can only hope that WhatsApp will soon roll out this feature. Meta is still trying to improve these features and compete with Telegram so far.

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