Android OS version support has become more prominent in the Google Play Store search results which is a tiny yet significant change

Google is bringing a fundamental adjustment in the manner Smartphone applications work and although the adjustments may not be immediately obvious to users, it's crucial to understand which app or game can be run if users are using any particular Android OS version.

Google officially indicates which edition of "Android OS" is recommended to download an application from the Play Store, following the widespread implementation of iPhone-style install notifications on the homepage. Mobile applications can be better efficient & compact starting this month, thanks to the very 1st improvements. The firm also is gaining more grip over its data.

Designers who would like to start publishing Android applications here on Google Play may have to modify just how these applications are packed collectively beginning in August 2021: Software engineers will be obliged to use another AAB (Android app bundle) foundation seemingly than another old APK (Android application package) version which has remained in operation over decades.

Presently, "Android OS" is indeed a budget element beside Versions, Updated on, Download, Provided by, Published on, and Application permission in the "Application details" column (below the section "About this app") of Google Play listings.

The firm simply specifies which Android edition is required to set up an item. "Requires Android" has already been published on for a lengthy time. Here on site, advertisements frequently use the phrase "varies by device," while the mobile application is more detailed and aware of APK variations.

The addition of "OS" after "Android" appears odd because this is not anything Google uses quite frequently in subscriber advertising or functioning. It's evocative of Chrome OS, Wear OS, and Android TV OS.

This was only lately implemented and therefore wasn't available just at the beginning of the month. Finally, Play Store edition 29.2.13 makes it broadly accessible.
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