Twitter is working on an update, enabling its users to shut the abusive tweets mentioned in the future

Since Twitter is the largest platform for initiating conversations around the globe, sometimes, it becomes abusive, so Twitter is trying to launch a “block” feature that allows users to keep themselves away from the toxic tweets.

The micro-blogging platform is helpful in spreading news and communication among different internet users who use social networking sites to keep themselves updated. It connects people through engaging tweets. What happens usually is that conversations become toxic and an antisocial agenda starts revolving. Celebrities and popular personalities related to showbiz, political chairpersons, and media representatives are mostly targeted. Hashtag systems gather so many people in a conversation and make it more and more toxic for one’s mental health. People become so frustrated and a hatred feeling starts to spread from one person to vice versa.

Twitter is now looking at some options through which this issue can be resolved. It is still in the development process. Earlier on, there was an option on the interface that grants you access so that you could decide who can comment on your post and who can mention you giving you the relaxation that you can’t be mentioned by any stranger person. There are options in which you can hide replies, block someone from tweeting you, muting specific words from your wall, block sensitive content, and report to get help from the team. These features are still really helpful.

However, the major issue that I’m going to highlight is that once you’re mentioned by someone you spontaneously check the tweet and start reading it and indulging yourself and your energy in some sort of culminating topics, including cyberbullying, insulting, and passing negative comments on each other. This surely drains your energy and potential output. At this moment in time, Twitter is working on resolving these issues.

Now, the "block" feature will help you furthermore. Not only muting the conversation can be done, but also one can skip the belittling and savage conversations by simply tapping this option. And what’s more, comforting is that the other person won’t be notified that you have been unmentioned yourself from it.

Hence, this update might be very useful in clearing the clutter, making Twitter a medium to spread positivity and peace. This will gain more users as well and create a healthy conversation platform by keeping away racism and social media bullying.

H/T: @Wongmjane

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