How long mixed reality tech will take to become a reality, Meta finally gives some clues

Meta, one of the largest tech companies in the world owns many social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram. Meta is one of the big tech companies that are looking for a way to mix the physical world and virtual ones. Even though this is a possibility that could happen in the next few years or maybe even the next decade it’s not coming anytime soon.

The technology that merges the two realities is a possibility for the future and can come true in the next few years as told by the tech company itself. Meta recently gave some more details about their Metaverse and this technology to the advertisement agencies.

If a person is wearing the MR (mixed reality) headset they will be able to merge the two worlds into a single virtual one. They could use a physical object they can touch or are holding it in their hands to cause an action in the virtual world using the Mixed Reality Technology. One example of this can be causing damage to a video game character in the virtual world with a cricket bat they swung in the physical one.

There are three types of augmented reality that are often linked to the tech firm’s virtual universe which is also known as The Metaverse. Augmented reality, virtual reality and Mixed reality. The first two already exist in the form of games like Pokémon GO for Augmented reality and VR headsets for the latter. VR headsets give users the opportunity to go into a fully virtual world they can connect with by using joysticks. But neither of these realties allows a user to interact with their virtual surroundings using a physical object.

According to an executive from an Ad agency, Meta released these comments over a zoom call that was to be Meta’s first discussion with Ad agencies to help them get a better grasp of the workings of the Metaverse so that it will help them advertise it better.

Although, Metaverse could take a decade to build because its ahead of its time ideas and its futuristic concept of a virtual universe that would be spread through many different servers at a time and a reality that can be opened from many devices at one time is truly something unique.

But the Technology of Mixed Reality is not truly non-existent as there are MR headsets available but are very expensive and designed for workplace use which is an unfavorable factor.

At Meta’s annual Connect conference which takes place every October Meta announced a new project called Project Cambria. Project Cambria is a headset that is expected to release this year and will have the features of Mixed Reality and will also have face and eye tracking for a revolutionary experience.

In the conference with Ad agencies Meta did not provide much information as to what will be the formatting of the Ads or how the branded Ads will be kept from appearing next to ones that could be inappropriate for younger users. These questions were asked by an executive from one of the Ad agencies that attended the conference. Publicists also looked for answers to as what will they get for the money they have spent, the effectiveness of those ads and their measurements.

However Meta has declined to comment as a spokesperson refused to say anything on this matter.

H/T: Reuters.

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