Twitter users can now pin 6 chats in their direct messages section

The micro-blogging platform Twitter has introduced a new feature for its users. Pinning chats on Twitter has been out for quite a long time. However, the feature was only available to subscribers of Twitter Blue.

This time, the company has decided to make this feature available to all users, regardless of the operating system they are using for the application.

A chat can be pinned very easily. All that needs to be done is to just slide the message that needs to be pinned on the right hand side. After that, touch on the pin icon so the conversation can be seen floating at the top of the user's inbox. This feature is available for 6 chats only.

Last November, Twitter Blue users got their hands on this feature. Twitter had already announced that Twitter Blue users would be the first to try out new features. After that the feature will be expanded to unsubscribed users as well. Pinning of direct messages is one of the features that was first released for Twitter Blue users.

This may assist users in guessing how long it will take the platform to introduce the features to its general users once the Blue users have gotten their hands on it. It can be expected that every feature will have a different time for its general users depending on what the feature is capable of. Some rumors predict that the limit of 6 pinned chats will also be expanded.

In order to pin a conversation for mobile phone users, they just need to tap the pin icon at the top after sliding the chat to the right side. This procedure is the same for both Android and iOS users.

For PC or laptop users, they first need to login to their respective account. After this, open the Direct Messages section, where a three-dot icon is displayed, when tapped on it, the pin will be visible. And the chat can be pinned easily.

Twitter announced this new release directly through its Twitter account by posting a Tweet saying that the Chat Pin feature is available for everyone, including Android, iOS, and web users as well.

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