Apple’s AR/VR headsets likely to need an additional monthly software subscription

According to a Trend force report, Apple mixed reality headsets coming up in 2022 would need a subscription software every month.

In 2015 Apple launched smart wearable wrist watches offering over 50% more screen area. After this launch, Apple was found to be inactive in launching any new wearable product in the market. Finally, in 2021 Apple officially just confirmed that their AR/VR headset is totally real. The price of these is 2000 dollars to $3000 U.S. dollars. You will be able to get your stick hands-on with Apple's upcoming AR VR headset for gaming and communication. This headset is a blending of virtual composite views to the user. Analysts predicted that along with mixed reality these VR headsets will need additional subscription software on a monthly basis.

You know what, Apple is smartly targeting this product for the commercial market engaging hundreds and thousands of people by setting up low prices. Since the commercial market is influenced by the Microsoft HoloLens 2 whose pricing is above US$1,000 up to US$3,500. The fact is, the market only focused on the benefits of software and hardware integration. Thus, Apple has decided to roll out in the AR/VR device market. These headsets have installed multiple sensors and advanced processing that melds comfortably with its environment. These headsets will display augmented reality grabbing the attention of gamers.

Still, I’m in doubt what this subscription software could offer, provided that this headset would be efficient for media consumption purposes. The challenge is to launch the product enabling users to shut the real world and compete with Meta's upcoming virtual-reality mixed headsets that aren’t expensive as Apple’s headsets are. The major drawback of this technology could be overheating. To tackle this, Apple Company is trying to install two processors in its first headset. Some of the features that I know about Apple headsets are; a dimensional audio system, enhancing sound experience, two chips that will contain high throughput computing power, installed cameras to offer amazing visual experiences. Above all, the most gripping news is that Apple is rolling out a brand new operating system for its AR/VR headset device.

Right now, it's seeming like we'll have to wait for 2023 to see the headset launch, though there is still some possibility that the unfolding of this news will give enough time for the app's developer to launch apps for this product.

H/T: Apple Insider.

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