The search engine giant tests question and answer feature for Google Maps

Tech companies are always continuously updating new and unique features on their platforms. The increasing market competition makes this a necessity to do so. While some platforms feature fail, others are a hit. Some however, are for testing purposes and may continue in the future or are eliminated after a few testing trials.

Among many such features and platforms stands Google, which is always testing and updating features for its products. In the recent times, Google has updated and is testing some new features on Google Maps. Google Maps is a pretty great guide to show people their way through new areas and cities and it for sure has gotten us out of many dead ends on the way.

Now, Google Maps is updating another new feature. In the Maps section of Google, whenever someone searches for a place, a new question and answer feature will also pop up, as spotted by Allie Margeson. While the question and answers are an integral part of Google which is available on its main page whenever you search for a particular thing.

However, now Google is bringing it on the Maps too. In the Maps portion whenever someone searches for a particular place, there a particular question compartment will occur. In the question section on Google Maps, users can ask questions and other queries about that particular place, and other users viewing the question can acknowledge them with answers if they are aware of it.

This particular feature is being seen by many users in breaks. Some say it was visible to them three weeks ago, some saw it a week ago and for some it isn’t available yet. This shows that Google is releasing the features to users around the world in different time durations. While it is a great feature it is in its testing purposes.

This means that the feature is not confirmed to be officially released. The tech firm is testing it and once assured that it will be a good release, it will be launched permanently throughout the world.

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