Meta owned, Instagram is working on two new updates, including story reaction with an avatar sticker and pin comments in Reels

Since the start of 2022, Instagram management is continuously adding new features and updates on its social networking app. Instagram users are mostly from Gen-Z and Millennial. However, particularly Gen-Z are most users of the social networking App.

Gen Z usually emphasizes visual appealing content when it comes to social media. Hence knowing the habit of this generation the social media forum makes continuous changes to the application in order to attract this particular generation. The users in the current world of tech have so many options to choose from that the tech giants have to rapidly update new features for them to keep their audience intact and to survive in the growing market competition.

In case you missed the last month's updates, we are providing you some glimpses of it here. In their new updates the tech giant introduced horizontal view of feed, live badges, voice effects on Reels, rearranged their photo grid and many more.

Alessandro Paluzzi updated the latest tweets from the social networking app Instagram. According to him the tech firm is working on two new updates in the app which surely will enhance the interface of the app and their savvy users. The first one is ability to pin the comment under the Reels following with reaction on the stories with avatar stickers.

The Reel lovers surely love new updates under the Reel comments. After the launch of the update, users can easily tag each other in the comments. In the last month of 2021 the tech giant also introduced the “Reel visual Reply” feature to their users.

The second feature that Instagram is working on is the ability to react to the story with a personal avatar sticker. The new sticker reaction is expected to be not only a new change, but will give a rather cool effect on the platform.

Additionally, Alessandro Paluzzi shared a tweet with screenshots on how these updates will work, their functionality and where it will be available. Although, the tech giant has not announced any set date and time of when these updates will go live on the app. However the loyal users are anxiously waiting for these features.

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