The Chinese App TikTok has won the Battle of Most Downloaded App in the month of January 2022

The first month of the year 2022, has given a lot of courage to the Chinese version of short video uploading app TikTok. According to the AppFigures report, TikTok is the most downloaded app of the year in January 2022. The Chinese tech giant has won the game against the American social media apps Facebook and Instagram.

Meta owned Instagram was enjoying the first place with 45 million downloads around the world since the last few months. However, in January 2022 the Chinese app TikTok took over Instagram’s place with its 52 million downloads on Apple store and Google Play Store both. On Apple App store TikTok has 19 million downloads and on Google Play Store the Chinese app has 33 million downloads globally.

Although Instagram has won the race on the Android app store with its 34 million downloads, in total the Chinese app won the downloads race on both Apple and Android stores.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook have joined TikTok and Instagram in the top five downloaded apps of the first month of 2022. Facebook is at 3rd place with 39 million downloads. WhatsApp and Telegram messenger are on the 4th and 5th place with 31 and 29 million downloads respectively.

Moreover, good news has arrived for the Zoom creators as well. Zoom is back on the top ten lists of the most downloaded apps of the year after disappearing from the list last month of December 2021. Zoom has managed its place on the 8th position with 25 million downloads. However we did not see Zoom on the Apple store in the top ten lists. Despite that in the end Zoom has taken the 8th position in the combined top ten App list for both App stores.

The girl’s favorite app Snapchat is on 6th place with 26 million downloads with Facebook messenger giving a close call to Snapchat with almost 26 million downloads and manages its place on number 7th.

Spotify and video editing app Capcut had a nail biting match and Swedish music streaming app Spotify won the race with Capcut with 19 million downloads and Capcut also gained almost 19 million downloads in the first month of the year 2022.

Lastly, we will give you some glimpses of apps, which have taken the positions in the separate listing of the Apple and Google play stores but unfortunately in the end they could succeed in the overall list.
The world famous video app YouTube has gotten the 2nd place in the Apple store with 11 million downloads but unfortunately it has not taken any position in the combined list.

Gmail, Google Maps and Netflix have obtained the positions in the Apple App Store but did not have the place in the overall list. Microsoft Word and junk cleaner app “Junk smasher” have got 9th and 10th position on the Google play store with 17 and 16 million downloads respectively but unfortunately there are no places for these Apps in the final list.

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