As 'working from home' is becoming a common trend, the IoT security risks are increasing too

Over time the world of technology is becoming smarter but more dependent on the internet. With the advancement one thing that is also becoming more smart and hard to fight are the cyber attacks. The cyber attackers are finding unique ways of attacking companies and individuals through ‘Internet of Things’ or you may call them smart devices.

Some of us aren’t very tech savvy or simply don’t know what IoT devices are. If you are someone in the same boat then we will update you on this terminology.

Every device which connects to the internet or Wi-Fi is called IoT (internet of things). These IoTs can perform tasks, from everyday tiny needs to large scale business management. It can be anything from an automatic coffee machine maker to an industrial robot.

In its study, Palo Alto Networks points out how these IoT devices can be a very easy source of cyber attacks. According to them, the global market of IoT devices will reach approximately over one trillion by 2026.

The Palo Alto Network conducted a survey with 1,900 IT decision makers of 18 different countries. These IT specialists were from the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia etc. All these specialists have agreed on one point that these IoT devices (especially non business devices) can be a very easy source of cyber attacks. 78% of these 1900 IT specialists saw a very huge surge in non business IoT devices in the last 12 months.

These Non business IoT devices covered brilliant but eerie things from our everyday needs from a vacuum cleaner, a heart rate reader, or equipment from gym.

These non business things can give an easy, possible point to cyber attackers to enter and get easy access into the network. The survey company brought attention to the fact that corporate firms need to improve their security measures, to ensure that these IoT devices can’t easily harm the entire corporate networks. Big companies being hacked and facing losses because of such minor and technical ways of hacking can lead to real bad collapses for them.

After the pandemic, work from home has become one of the common practices. Many firms are now working on a remote work basis because this can be effective for many industries to operate. Moreover, some employees also like working from the comfort of their home and tend to perform better.

However, as everything has a negative side too, the remote working trend has become an open window for cybercrime.

Every company must educate their remote workers that everything runs under one wifi router and it can create a huge risk to the office networks. That's why leveraging VPN services can be a safe way in such situations.

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