Snapchat’s new feature now allows you to share your live location with your trusted circle

Snapchat goes on with its toiling schedule of introducing new options to its audience; this includes new innovations like giving its users the ability to change their username, and Ticketmatcher; the option that would allow instant messaging app users to find out about any ongoing or upcoming events in their area. The feature shows a catalog of events just like Facebook, based on user interests.

This time, Snapchat has targeted the iOS ‘find my network’ feature, announcing that they are developing a feature that would allow its users to share their current exact location. This feature will be associated with Snapchat’s friend list. An expansion to Snapchat’s famous map which was released back in 2017 would show the user’s close friend's last location to the user using the application.

The coordinate sharing feature would be a way to share your exact current location with the contacts you trust on the application.

Addressing security and privacy-related issues, Snapchat is applying different methods to help its users avoid being stalked or harassed. Foremost, the coordinates won’t be available on a twenty four-Seven basis. But, according to the company users will be able to share their location with only the contact they want to for fifteen minutes, up to 8 hours.

Live-sharing is preselected to be deactivated and would also stop sharing without notifying the other end. The new trait has no option to share your coordinates with your entire Snapchat contact list; instead, it should be enabled only on a friend basis. Snapchat urges its users to use this feature with only the circle they trust the most.

The company has associated the feature with the user’s friend list, for example; a user would be able to share their coordinates with a trusted contact on this list so that they keep watch your friend’s location using the application while they are out at night or reaching a destination.

The new option is available at the user’s trusted friend profile on Snapchat, this is where the user will be able to share their live location with that friend. This sharing feature is only available on the latest version of Snapchat.

The feature might have a limited area of growth because of privacy and security matters; however, it is notably up to the minute for Snapchat. Snapchat’s Map is being used by more than +200 million netizens per month. Just like Apple, which allows their users to share their current ordinates with their friends or family.

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