Metaverse’s userbase has grown up to 300,000 users per month

Facebook, the social networking giant will no longer be called Facebook as they are changing their company name to Meta to differ it from its preceding identity which didn’t share quite a good reputation around the world. The company is focusing on its new future that is the Metaverse.

Meta Inc. has positioned itself to reflect the future which the company holds, evolving from just being a social media platform to now a virtual universe. The company started this new adventure by introducing Horizon workrooms that allowed testers to conduct VR meetings during the pandemic.

The social networking giant has now welcomed VR by Oculus. Meta shared that its main platform, Horizon Worlds has grown almost 10 times since last year.

According to Meta’s head of production, Chris Cox, ever since Horizon World’s release last December in North America, its membership has grown to almost three hundred thousand people per month on Horizon World and Venues combined. Horizon Venues is a separate application by Meta which consists of live events on it.

Meta released Horizon World in 2019 as Facebook Horizon on Oculus as a beta. The users would appear as avatars that consisted of only the upper body and were able to customize their world. However, recently the company has announced almost ten thousand of those worlds created by the players and a group on Facebook consisting of the creators.

Creating custom rooms in VR plays a major role in drawing the audience to the platform. Rec Room, Horizon World’s VR game secured almost 145 million dollar funding.

Meta Inc. seems to be dodging issues such as online harassment left and right, even introducing its new personal boundary policy for its new VR platforms this month. It is also facing some technical difficulties since some of the beta testers weren’t able to get access to Foo fighters’ VR music show.

However, Meta’s traffic is growing at an incredible pace and seems solid so far now. Even though getting access to the website is costly since it requires a headset by Oculus that costs almost around three hundred dollars.

Meta Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, Zuckerberg announced that he’s planning on developing a mobile version of the Meta universe soon. This innovation might boost Meta’s user base if the plan works out correctly.

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