A new monetization test allows top creators on Snapchat to include ads in their stories

The famous social media application Snapchat has taken new steps to provide more monetization features to its creators. According to the application, Snap creators will now be able to include a mid-roll advertisement in their stories. This will enable the influencers to generate more revenue.

The application explains that by turning on ads on their Snap stories, the revenue will be shared, where a cut will be sent off to the creator. This whole process is not crystal clear. The division will be carried out on a payment formula. This formula will comprise several factors, including the frequency with which the ad was posted and how much it engaged the audience.

The application uses a similar formula for its Spotlight users as well. Spotlight, which works just like TikTok, gives the opportunity to the creators to earn revenue. This revenue is based on factors such as the views the video was able to gather, along with the comparison of one’s snap to others. Another factor is the location of the snap along with the location of the viewers.

Generating revenue on the basis of advertisements might be more stable than generating revenue on the number of views. However, since the number of views seems to be a unique factor, it can even benefit the creator if used well.

But whatever the factor is, the end result is that the creators will be able to make some cash. Using different advertisements will benefit the advertisers as well, as they’ll be able to target more people with more personalized ads.

Currently, the main motive of Snapchat is to give more opportunities to their top creators so they can get more revenue through their hard work and efforts. Only then will they be motivated enough to keep posting more content.

Every other application is looking for ways through which they can keep their content creators more engaged. This has increased the competition. The monetization policies of big names including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok are more refined than Snapchat's.

To make up for it and to attract more users, Snapchat introduced a number of projects, including the AR Creator Fund, as well as Spotlight funding and more. Snapchat is still under question about how the funding model of its Spotlight will work, but right now the main objective of the application is to keep bringing in ideas to provide more opportunities.

And with the rise in competition with other platforms, it is important to study every possible aspect to hold onto their position.

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