Snapchat is now working to allow users to change their usernames

As the name of the app suggests, Snapchat is all about capturing snaps and videos and collecting them as memories. Users can even maintain a streak by regularly sending snaps to their friends. Now, for the first time, Snapchat is updating its setting. In the latest update, users will be allowed to change their usernames which they have set since they signed up. This update will launch soon in the present month.

According to Snapchat, from February 23rd users will be able to change their usernames. Just to clear the queries, the update will not be going to affect any other profile’s alignment and settings. Friends, snap score and code, memories will remain the same. Snap states that from February 23rd, all iOS and Android owners worldwide will be allowed to modify their usernames.

Furthermore, the company said that the users are not allowed to choose the name they have been selected previously. They have to select a new username every time they want to change it. Also, if users desire to change the username, the app will notify them that the option is only available once a year.

Coming towards the main concern, the procedure to change the username is simple if a user is familiar with Snapchat. In order to change the username, first tap on the Bitmoji then select settings, on which a new blue bar with the tag “change your username” will appear. On selecting this option, a user will be given a blank to enter a new username that hasn’t been used before. Once the name is decided, tap on next to finish the changes.

Snapchat claims that a username is one of the most important parts of a user’s profile. It is a sort of an identity of a user and as the profile grows, users sometimes desire to update their identity. This feature was due for a long time, so it’s not actually a surprise for users. Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse app engineer, uncovered the functionality in October 2021 and reported that Snap was creating a technique for users to alter their usernames.

This update was announced when Snapchat was introducing several other features. Snapchat also announced to its users that soon they will be able to enjoy live entertaining programs through Snap map. Snapchat collaborated with Ticketmatcher mini to find this option for the users. The Ticketmatcher mini will help people to enjoy live events according to their likings.

A few days back, the firm announced intentions to include ads throughout Snapchat stories for Snap Stars, which are the platform's most prominent producers and must qualify for the Snap Star title. According to a Snapchat spokesman, this functionality is now in very early testing for a limited group of US-based artists, however, the platform intends to push it out more extensively in the months ahead. These commercials will display as in between the stories, and the producer will receive a portion of the ad income. A payment algorithm analyzes elements like publishing rate and user interaction to calculate the payment.

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