iPhone Broke All The Records And Became the Most Selling Smartphone in 2021

An analysis of U.S Smartphone Market shares by Counterpoint Research concluded that the iPhone was the top-selling smartphone in the smartphone industry in 2021. The research was conducted between most leading smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Oneplus, Motorola, while iPhone defeated each of them with nice points.

In Q1, Samsung had a 56% market share. We all know that Samsung is Apple's greatest competitor and both smartphone companies are always in constant competition with each other. With the launch of GalaxyS21, Samsung produced several shares in Q4. Samsung was the most popular smartphone in terms of shares but iPhone proved that it is the most successful smartphone company in 2021.

When LG announced that it was leaving the smartphone business, a great surge in smartphone shares was observed. Many smartphone companies went down while many raised to a great level of achievement. The iPhone was also one of them. Despite the shortage of SE in 2020 where most of the iPhone shares were lost due to the prepaid criteria, the iPhone still stood tall and proved itself as the most popular smartphone in 2021.

This accomplishment was followed by the launch of the iPhone 13 in September. But it is not the only cause because the iPhone was still very popular before that and had 40% shares in Q1 which jumped to 47% in Q3 in 2021. Supply chain delay couldn't make iPhone's steps dwindle as the new iPhone launch helped them gain 19% more shares.

Now the iPhone has a 56% share in the Q3 market and Samsung and other smartphones are below it. One of the most shocking things that the share market saw was the iPhone being at the very top in China. With the release of the iPhone 13, this smartphone climbed all the footsteps and became the most popular smartphone in China in Q4.

Now it's all about seeing all these smartphones grow in the share market. It's really hard for other smartphones to compete against the iPhone in the next year or so. It is the highest and most secure spot that no one can have with less to no effort. Let's see how things proceed further.

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