Religious Leaders And Critics Are Asking Instagram To Put A Permanent Pause To Instagram Kids

A few weeks ago Instagram decided that there's a need for Instagram Kids as the app itself is toxic for kids under 13. Instagram is widely known for its video and photo sharing features and most people use it to post their memories and moments of life. Many people opposed this idea and said that a separate app will mean direct contact of kids with harmful and toxic content.

Many religious leaders and other institutes, ranging from Najiba Akbar Muslim Chaplain Tufts University and Priya Amaresh Hindu Chaplain Duke University to Rev. Rob Mark Lead Pastor of Church of the Covenant and many others asked Mark Zuckerberg to end this project and refrain from launching any application of that sort. They argued that social media apps that are just for the company's own benefit should not target young minds. They said that launching Instagram kids will do no good to children as it's just a waste of time and doesn't have any sole purpose.

A report stated that Instagram creates insecurity in teen girls and puts a perfect body image in their heads. It also said that it can push kids to toxicity and can make them insecure in their own self. This is because the app is full of fake perfection and teens tend to grasp these types of things more quickly than anyone else.

In a hearing at court, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that he can pause the working on this app and can make sure that kids between ages 11 to 13 will not be able to use that app. He said that he can't pause it permanently. Instagram critics were not happy at all about his remark. They said that doing the bare minimum is not enough. Instagram kids have to pause permanently or it can cause major problems.

Stephanie Otway, the Instagram spokesman, said that they are trying everything in their power to make the app user friendly. They are developing strong parental control over the app and parents can monitor their children's activity through the new settings. It will make parents see the app usage by their child and they can set time limits on this app.

The argument that Instagram is a safe space for kids or not can be discussed forever. Instagram can only take a few steps to make some disturbing stuff inaccessible to kids between 11 and 13 years. Full exposure of teens to apps like these can have harmful effects that can last for a lifetime.

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