Instagram Is Now Offering User The Ability To Purge Multiple Photos And Videos From Their Profiles Simultaneously

Instagram has made it easier for users to delete multiple posts from their accounts in a single fell swoop with a new tool being added to the Your Activity menu.

Since Instagram’s basically become the default public display of an individual’s online, and even real, life, users really try their best to offer up a near stellar view of their highlights. You know what really mars said highlights? Old, embarrassing photos from one’s secondary and high school days. Hey, I’m not knocking those photos; there’s something endearing about looking back on embarrassing photos, trying to see what parts of those old ghosts we’ve retained and what we’ve grown out of. Personally, I still have all of my old photos up for new friends to dredge up and make WhatsApp stickers out of. However, I also understand that whatever I like to keep up on my profile isn’t necessarily what other people want. Some netizens just want to avoid potential future embarrassment, especially if they can’t guarantee it coming from a safe space, and I get that. However, it’s not like Meta’s made clearing out one’s profile particularly easy across its platforms over the years.

The company formerly known as Facebook hasn’t really made profile purging all that easy. Sure, it’s easy for users nowadays, but older netizens will remember how annoying it was to keep scrolling down one’s Facebook profile until they finally got to pictures from five or so years ago, and then having to delete them one at a time because no other option was available. I honestly don’t even know if Facebook still has a mass delete option; I assume the platform does, because otherwise what are the devs even up to? Either way, Facebook isn’t really a platform I frequent all that much nowadays. Instagram also had a similar problem on its hands until today. In fact, Instagram users upload pictures with a much higher frequency than Facebook users do, with the former mainly being a media-based medium. It’s actually harder to get through photos.

However, with new bulk delete options rolling out for users across the globe, Meta’s looking to rectify such an oversight. Now, users can easily select photos in large swaths, much like going through a photo album on one’s Android or iOS devices. It’s just that easy, and doesn’t require an entire half hours’ worth of dedication from users.

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